Wednesday, June 11, 2014

No where to go, nothing to do, and no one to do it with!

We received information from the local Alzheimer's Association about a "Friendship Club" that met on Wednesdays for those of us with Dementia.  We went to check that group out today and the glaring truth is, this was a glorified day care for dementia patients.  There were no activities, no interaction and no friendship.  The Dementia patients were mixed with people with emotional and developmental problems of all ages.  I was disapointed!

The fact is, there are no services for Dementia patients in the area and no place for me to forge a social relationship with anyone that I have something in common with.  As I have said before, this is an unfriendly, isolated, part of Florida and outsiders are not welcomed!!

The only retirement community that is acceptable has no openings and we have been on the waiting list for 10 months.  We have looked at others, but they simply do not meet our needs.  Many of them do not have the facilities I need or are for much older, more infirm, individuals.

I would be much happier with an over 62 apartment complex that had recreational facilities.  But NONE exist in the Pensacola area.  The fact remains that I am without social interaction because I cannot find anyone that I have anything in common with!

So, the frustration and isolation goes on with no solution on the horizon.  And frankly, I am tired of looking.

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