Monday, June 2, 2014

I just got in trouble with my wife!!

We were watching TV and a commercial was on from the VFW whining about 65 vets committing suicide everyday.   The Commander of the VFW said; We have to stop this!  My statement was WHY!  That's when I got in trouble.

So, I had to explain myself.  That did not go well either!  So, I am in trouble.

My explanation was that veterans are not respected, wanted or cared for in this nation.  So, who cares if we commit suicide?!  The VA debacle is just the tip of the iceberg.  The VA has been the place to go die for decades!!  The VA policy on granting disabilities is to delay, deny and watch them die!  The Politicians like us for photo ops, but nothing else.  No politician ever does anything about the treatment vet get!  The complain about the cost, want to reduce benefits, and hope we will die soon!!

So, if a vet decides to commit suicide, who cares.  We are doing the nation and the taxpayers a favor!  That's the attitude I see from our nations leaders!

You may disagree with me.  But the VA has denied and delayed my disability request, even though their own data connects the chemical in Mil-F-17111 Hydraulic Fluid to Dementia.  I was hyper-exposed to this hydraulic fluid for over 20 years.  I breathed it as a vapor from the 1500 psi hydraulic systems of the gun mounts I worked on.  Was doused in it from major hydraulic leaks, and got it in cuts and swallowed it!  I served on ships that had limited water making capabilities and often ant without showers for weeks at a time.  The longest I went without a shower was 30 days!  SO, there was no washing the chemical off.  We were NEVER cautioned to wear protective clothing or breathing apparatus.  We were NEVER given any special medical treatment or training.  There are thousands of Gunner's Mates out there suffering from this toxin.  Without VA help.  Who cares if we die!

So, I am in trouble!  Oh well.  I have been there before.

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