Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Friends, fellowship and fun

In my previous post today, and one that I have not posted because it is too brutal, I lamented that I am away from my friends with nothing to do and no one to do it with!  This lack of social interaction is having a negative impact on my emotional health. The Psychologist I see knows the and even tried to help with suggestions to m wife.  That did not help!

But the truth is, I miss the strong, deep, relationships I have back in Virginia.  My friends there are my family.  They are my support group.  I understand the draw of the Grandchildren for my wife.  But they are older teenagers and involved in their lives with their friends!  They see us seldom, and almost never have a worthwhile conversation with us.  No surprise, we are from different worlds!  So, the chance that we are going to influence them is somewhere between slim and none!   They are like most of today's kids, no plans, no initiative, and no motivation.  They want everything and will work for nothing!!

But, even writing this, is a waste and a frustration to me.  I am in Florida, like it or not, and this is where I will stay.  I need to take some advice from the Apostle Paul.  He said we should learn to be happy in whatever state we are in.  He said this after being in prison, shipwrecked on an island, bit by a poisonous snake, and being tried for things he was innocent of.  I need that level of faith.  So, I should be happy in the state of Florida!  I'll try.  That's the best I can do at this time.

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  1. Your old friends will not toilet you, dress you, shower you and finally bury you. People tend to stop calling when times get tough. When your wife grieves for you she will be near family.