Wednesday, June 25, 2014

As long as I am venting.....

There are many well meaning people in my life.  They say;  If you need anything, I will be there.  Or; If you need help, just ask.  Or, how about this?  Have a room ready, we will visit often.  We have had four visitors since we moved to Florida.  My Sister, our best friends, my active duty Navy friend and his new wife, and a lady and her husband that worked with my wife.  Only two stayed overnight.  Now, before I complain, I realize everyone has their own life.  Their own family, their own things to do.  Plus, they work and have careers, have a home to maintain, kids to deal with, and all the stresses of normal living.  Doing things for me falls low on their list and I understand.  No problem!

Recently, I had a post on the Lewy Body Dementia social media site, making my case for living close to my friends.   Someone replied in a mean manner, that my friends would not "toilet" me!  Well, neither will my family!  They have a life and responsibilities of their own too.  But at least I will be around people that know me and I have things in common with!!  I don't need care, I need companionship!  And that does not exist here in the panhandle of Florida!!

I enjoy writing this blog and my Navy blog.  But neither replaces sitting down with an old shipmate, drinking a beer, and telling sea stories!!  And as far as family goes, well, my sister visited.  My son and daughter in law have two very active teenagers to keep up with.  My son travels for his job and is seldom home and when he is, there are home responsibilities.  I understand, I was in his shoes, 40 years ago.  The bottom line is, I need friends to be with.

Can I change this.  No!  Not now.  We are waiting for the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulf Port Mississippi and that would fulfill my shipmate need, in that there are plant of retired Navy folks there.  Someone must have served on a Destroyer!  But, for me to ask my wife to move away from our son and his family would be selfish and inconsiderate!!  I moved her too many times.  Now IS her time!!

So, I will do my best to wait, as hard as that is for me.  Yes, I will continue to complain.  I need to vent!

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