Thursday, June 5, 2014

Another caregiver burden

I am down right drifty!!  I flit and flirt from topic to topic.  This is important and we must do it, then another issue pops up.  I am having continuing issues trying to find a place for us to live, when all I have to do is show a little patience until Azalea Trace is available.  One minute I want to move to the country, the next I want to move back to Virginia.  Then, I am looking at South Carolina!!  Of course, then the possibility of a room at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Gulf Port Mississippi, comes up.  Get the idea!?!

Then, I walk around the house looking for things to do.  Dishes, toilets, lawn, floors.  Then I want to remodel, make the screened in porch a Florida room, and get a new high tech water heater, all before or after I go through  diatribe on why I never wanted to own a house!!

I am driving my poor wife crazy.  I know she is stressed out by my flighty demeanor.  I would love to stop being so annoying, but I really cannot control how I act.  My mind bounces around from idea to idea, without any filters or decisions!   I do the same thing on our future car purchase, life insurance, vacations, and many other topic areas.  I am sorry that I am so unfocused.  That being said, I cannot control it.

This illustrates the need, and possibly the requirement, for care giver breaks!!  She is with me 24/7/365!!  I don't like me now, how can she even stand me?  Yes, I know she loves me.  Yes, I know she will care for me always.  But, she needs a break from the constant droning of my crazy mind.  I am thinking the AFRH might be the best of all options.  But, I know I will change my mound in 5 minutes.  You should see me try to decide what to wear!

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