Thursday, May 15, 2014

The surgery went well. Very well!

The surgery was yesterday at 9 AM.  I can say this was the easiest hernia repair of the three.  I left the hospital almost spin free because to the new procedure of numbing the surgery site from the inside.  I did not take any pain meds until last evening.  I got some uninterrupted sleep and I continue to take the pain media at a 25% reduction from the max permitted.  Did I tell you I don't like pain meds?!  But, they are necessary sometimes.

The surgeon was good.  The anesthesiologist put me into a nap state, and all went well.   I woke up alert.  Early this morning, about 4AM, I did have a short episode of nausea, that diarrhea feeling up my back, and a cold, clammy, sweat over my body.  I drank some Ginger Ale slowly, and in about a half hour I felt better.  That's it!

Now, I am still sore, but the pain is manageable.  I will continue to take it slow for the rest of the week and I WILL NOT lift anything heavier than my coffee cup for the next 6 weeks!  But I feel pretty good.

I appreciate everyone prayers and telephone calls.  Your friendship and caring keep me going strong.  I will keep you posted.  But right now, it is time to rest.

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