Saturday, May 3, 2014

The stress of the flood

We live in the Pensacola area and we have had a very wet winter and spring.  It was topped off by 24+ inches of rain in less that 48 hours.  Our home remained dry but our son's home flooded 4 feet deep at 4 AM!  They literally had to swim out and carry their pets with them.  Cats and Bulldogs don't swim well!  They have lost everything and while their insurance company has totaled both of their cars, their household goods is another thing.  The insurance company is waffling on the coverage decision.  Again, they lost everything.

We have been doing all we can to help, but with a hernia and the effects of LBD, I am pretty much useless.  But the ravages of LBD are the hardest for me and my wife to deal with.  I am either very grumpy and griping very loudly about anything I don't agree with or I am brooding in the corner.  The disruption to my routine is the culprit.

My wife is working hard to preserve memories for my son's family.  WE presently have hundreds of photos hanging in out garage, drying! Scrap books, report cards, mementos, anything that was squirreled away to remember that special time.  Now all wet, soaked, and in danger of disintegrating.

I am not doing well right now and that is a problem for my wife.  But there is little or nothing I can do about it.  I have a short range view of life.  So my view of photos and mementos squirreled away and left to rot are not as important to me as their are to her.  Or, it could just be a female thing!!

I remember a joke I heard once.  A man walking on the beach, finds a metal lantern.  He rubs it and a Genie appears.  The Genie tells the man he has one wish!!  SO, the man says;  I want to go to Hawaii and I am afraid to fly or take a cruise.  So, I want you to build a bridge to Hawaii!  The Genie screams;  Do you know how far it its to Hawaii from San Diego?  Do you know how deep the Pacific Ocean is there?  Do you have any idea how much concrete it would take?  No, make another wish.  So, the man says;  Well, I always wanted to know how women think,  You know, how their minds work!  The Genie replies;  So, how many lanes do you want that bridge to be?!!

That is my point.  I don't think like females.  And that is where I get in trouble.  That and my social filters and tact are shot!!  SO, I guess I will try to just do what I am told and keep my opinions to myself!

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  1. What happened to your son is really sad. It’s definitely hard to save possessions, knowing the flood got four feet deep at some point. But it’s better to leave them than risk their lives. They could have new items in time, but having complication to health due to the downpour is a completely different thing. So, how are the family doing? I hope they have recovered from that by now.

    Gail Wallace @ Emergency Flood Masters