Friday, May 16, 2014

Surgery oddities

This is my second day of recovery and I am doing quite well.  Well enough that I can review the surgery with a keen eye.

First;  It is a little unnerving to look at this 6 inch long incision closed by super glue!   No stitches, no staples, no butterflies!  Not even a bandade!  Just a ⅛ inch wide strip of glue very close to part of my body few people have seen!  I hope it holds.

Second;  I had to WALK into the operating room!  That was a first.  A rotator cuff surgery, two other hernias, and colon surgery, and I never had to walk to the surgery room!   I guess that is a budget saving move.

Third;  The pharmacy delivered the take home drugs to us before we left the hospital!  Now that is customer service.

Fourth; I am still numb in the area close to the incision!  Inside is a little painful, but the outside, where the glue is, is numb!

This has been a good experience but I plan on making it my last planned surgery!  I will evaluate emergencies as they happen but I am done doing this if there is a choice!

I still have a sense or humor.


  1. Glad your doing well, keep us updated. ��

  2. And most of all they didn't remove your sense of humor. Keep up the good work!