Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Surgery is tomorrow morning

OK, this came fast!  Tomorrow morning is my hernia repair surgery.   I am ready.  As ready as I ever am for surgery.  It is supposed to be outpatient surgery and the only this that will change that is a complication, dementia issues, or extreme pain.  My other two hernia repairs were anything but painless.  As a matter of fact, I have said many times that I would rather have the remainder of my colon removed than have another hernia repair.  But, hernia repay it is.

This is going to be a little different in that using General Anesthesia on dementia patients is not advised.  It seems we wake up in a different time zone.  So, this hernia will be repaired with local anesthesia.  Now, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed with local anesthesia and it did not hurt.  So, I am encouraged.  Everything is relative.  This surgery is less than the removal of one-half of my colon and they are using the same anesthesia as the oral surgeon see to remove my wisdom teeth.  No sweat!

And, being a dementia patient, I have a secret weapon.  I will forget the pain in a few hours!  There are benefits to having Lewy Body Dementia.

There were two things I had to do in preparation for this surgery.  First, I had to re-write my "Just in Case" letter.  Everyone should have a letter explaining where the money is, the insurance policies, your burial wishes, and how to close out your affairs.  It is a military thing because we tend to die early and often.  But, I had not changed the letter since we moved to Florida.   In fact, I had not re-wrote the letter since 2006!

Second, I had to shave my beard off!  Why?  I did not want the anesthesiologist to have to deal with hair if they had to incubate me.  When I had my wisdom teeth removed, the oral surgeon lost the sutcher material in my gray beard!

So, bald face, I approach surgery again.  I am not worried and I don't think Linda will need to open that letter just yet.  I expect to be home tomorrow afternoon with a new scar to show off.  Nothing more than that.

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  1. Sounds like you have as many bases covered as possible.makesure you or your wife have given the docs a list of the meds you definetley should not have as many docs don't know about them. I will pray and all should go well.