Friday, May 2, 2014

Scheduled surgery

OK, here we go.  My hernia surgery is scheduled for 14 May.  Yes, that is quick, but they had an opening and I thought I better get it done before I change my mind!  Why?  Because the idea of hernia surgery and being awake is not on my list of things I want to do.  Yes, it is better for my LBD.  And it greatly reduces the known impact on my cognitive outlook.  But, think of it, your groin being cut open, while you are on the same pain meds the Dentist uses!!

Now, the surgeon did say he would have the gas passes give me some meds to relax me!  Relax!?  He had better get me blown out of my mind!   I better be so relaxed they I don't care he is cutting on my groin with a very sharp knife!

It is also curious why scope surgery cannot be done with  local and full blown, open body, surgery can be!!

Oh well.  The hernia needs to be repaired and the surgeon assured me this would work.  So, I trust him.  He had a kind face.

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  1. It will all go well. You were worrying you would end up in another time zone. They are keeping you in your own zone after all that worry. Just a thought we used to give people a "cocktail" of two drugs before they went into an MRI machine. They were terrified before, but after didn't care at all. They loved it. I don't remember what the two drugs were right now, but wouldn't hurt to ask. As long as they don't fight or feed Lewy.