Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Loss of long term memory

Many of you know I write a blog about my Navy career.  You may also know that I spend most of my time thinking and dreaming about my Nay career.  It seems I am still in the Navy.  But, recently I have noticed that my more detailed memories of the Navy are missing!

One point you need to know is that I used to have near total recall.  It I read something, or was told something, I remembered it, verbatim, forever!  The electronic and hydraulic diagrams for the Gun Mounts I worked on were mostly in my mind.  Yes, I consulted the diagrams when I was troubleshooting an issue, but it as more to make sure than to search for the issue.

Yesterday evening, we were driving back from a shopping trip and a young friend asked me why the Navy stopped using armor on it's ships?  I told him I did not know.   My wife then said it was because of the shift from Battleships to Aircraft Carriers during World War Two!   Of course, she was right, she had heard me explain this fact many times and she remembered.  She helped me out, but I was completely dumbfounded and without a reason.  That fact was no longer in my mind.    

This has happened on different issues recently and I now realize my long term memory is being impacted by the Lewy Bodies.  It is just one more sign that my LBD has progressed to a new level.  As it used to be said; "No brag, just fact!"

But, it is frightening to recognize that I am loosing what I cling too.

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  1. You didn't lose that knowledge you just couldn't find it, when you heard the answer you knew it was right. I know that is not comforting. Which is harder knowing the answer and not being able to recall it or thinking you never knew the answer? Thank you again for posting it helps me to know what to expect for my husband.