Saturday, April 19, 2014

The confusion of those who see me

Most people know  have Lewy Body Dementia.  Why, because, besides the Navy, it is the second most thing I talk about.  Why, because it dominates my thoughts and life.  Now, most people that I come in contact with me care very little about my disease or my Navy career.    But, they do treat me in a very curious manner when I have contact with them.

For instance, today we helped set up at the Church we attend, for tomorrow's Easter breakfast before Easter Service.  It seems strange to me the have a breakfast but no Sonrise Service!  But, who am I?  In any case, the Pastor of the Church was there and I helped him put out some books for folks to take about Easter.  He commented on the water proof wrapping of each book and I remembered a story told to me by a Missionary that was part of the underground that smuggled Bibles behind the Iron Curtain.  The Pastor looked at me like I had two heads!

Now, I admit I do have a lot of stories to tell.  Most are true.  But, I honestly do not understand why my relaying a story about smuggling Bibles to Christians in East Germany is weird when the Pastor was just carping about hermetically sealed, single book packaging!  Seems to me, if I were smuggling Bibles behind the Iron Curtain, I would want them hermetically sealed!!  But, he did not see the connection, obviously, and I was judged to be crazy!

Maybe he is right.  But people assume I am normal and that nothing is wrong with me, and then act repulsed when I do not act like they think I should!  I am doing the best I have and I think I am doing fairly well, all things considered.  I now understand how other mentally challenged people feel.  My brain works different now.  That is not my fault.  If they know I have LBD, they should be more understanding.

How I long to be back in Virginia, with my Church friends and Navy Buddies.  They have been with me from the start of this journey.  They understand me,  They live me.  For me, this move was a bad idea.

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