Friday, April 25, 2014

The caregiver's from the patient's point of view

I feel sorry for my wife.  This is not the retirement we expected or planned for.  Both of us worked diligently and saved everything we could.  Now, she has to manage my medicines, chauffeur me around, and worry about me when she leaves me alone at home.  Furthermore, she has to worry about getting us into a Continuing Care retirement Community of the Armed Forces Retirement Home before I can no longer pass the mental requirements.

I see the worry on her face, the sleepless nights, and the stress of constant worry.  I know the future hold more caregiver stress and fear.   She has even tried to get me connected to Surface Navy folks in the area.  She is planning on taking me to the Fleet Reserve Association Branch in Milton, just to talk to other Surface Sailors.  She is wonderful and she would sacrifice anything to make me secure and happy.  She always has been that way.  This time, I will not let her do the sacrificing!!

Yet my wife is a strong woman.  Dedicated to my well being and care.  I have apologized for getting sick and she always tells me, she signed on for the long haul when we got married.  She tells me we got married for better or worse!  And, she reminds me that we retired before this got real bad.  So, we have had some good time together.

Now, we need to get into someplace that has continuing care, soon.  Because I see her worry about what to do with me if a CCRC does not accept me.   We both want to trust God for his providing.  But, this recent acceleration of my LBD makes both of us worried about the future.  I have the advantage of forgetting the future most of the time.

Being a caregiver for a Dementia patient is a difficult task.  Being the caregiver for a Dementia patient that is someone you love is overwhelming.  I love my wife!!  

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