Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Old music that runs through my mind

I am 63 years old.  I have fond memories of each summer when my Grandmother came from Florida to visit.  Se stayed with us and she was fun.  She played piano for silent movies in her past and was also a Vaudeville entertainer.   We had an old upright piano and she would play the old songs.  Al Jolson and Eddie Cantor songs.  And those songs, including all of the words, still run in my memory!

While my mind can no longer see a future, it lives in the past.  I can see that house on Puritas Road in Cleveland.  My Mom and Dads bedroom off the living room, where the piano was.  My Grandma Lane, her white hair cut short, playing the piano, while her left food bounced to keep time!  Those songs are precious to me just like those memories.  Grandma Lane was the lady who most influenced me to seek Christ!  She was a prayer warrior and a staunch believer in the Gospel.  Yes, she rolled her own cigarettes.  But, everyone has some faults!  I loved her.

Old music runs through my mind constantly.  It keeps me company and soothes my anger.  I sing it quietly to myself.  Jolson, George Jones, even Martial Music (military tunes).  I still remember my Junior High School song!!  I do not like any of the new music.  Not even the modern praise music sung in some churches today!  If it is after Bill Gaither, I don't like it!!   I have a friend back at our home Church that says the modern praise music is 7/11 music!  That's seven verses sung eleven times!!  I agree!!

It is said, music soothes the savage beast.   I my case, that is true.  More old music please.

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