Friday, April 11, 2014

New physical challenges

A few days ago, I felt a familiar pain in the left side of my groin.  I made a doctor's appointment and today was the day.  My doctor performed the usual manual check; "Turn your ear to the left and cough"  And the results ere as I expected.  I am the proud owner of a new hernia!!

It is not my first hernia.  I had a large hernia on the right side a number of years ago, before my LBD diagnosis.  That hernia was repaired TWICE!  Yes, I blew out the repair job.  I asked the surgeon if he guaranteed his work, but he said I had exceeded the warranty conditions.

The last hernia, the blow out, I remember doing.  I was lifting book boxes during a move.  The first hernia I never knew I had.  No pain no indication until my doctor did a physical on me and did the normal male check.  This one is a surprise too.

Now, I will be totally honest.  As a Navy Gunner's Mate, I abused my body for the better part of 20 years and then ten years of my Civil Service career.  So, it is no surprise that parts of my muscle and bone structure are worn out.  I tore the rotator cuffing my right shoulder and had it repaired and now the left shoulder is torn and needs repair.  I was rode hard and put up wet!!

Of course, the concern is being placed under general anesthesia with LBD.  As I have been told by my neurologist and GP in Virginia, chances are I will not wake up in the same Zip zone and possibly not in the time zone!  But, since coughing causes some severe pain, this thing has to be repaired!  I can live with the left shoulder pain, but not the hernia.

But wait, since I am gong to chance General Anesthesia for the hernia, maybe I can talk the shoulder surgeon into working on my left shoulder at the same time!  It will save the insurance companies and Medicare some big bucks since I will already be in the hospital and asleep!!  I need to look into that one.

This is just another challenge in life.  Not a big deal, although the worst pain I have ever had was related to BOTH hernia operations!!  So, I hope pain meds have improved!!  I will keep you posted, if I wake up in the same time zone.  If not, it won't matter.  I pretty much live in my own world anyway, most of the time.

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  1. I am putting a stamp on your forehead so you can be delivered back to the right time zone and zip code.