Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Latest Psychologist visit

Yesterday, I had my second visit with a Psychologist.  I continue to be impressed with his caring nature and interest in my well being.  He is easy to read!  Every time i say something he finds interesting or maybe even identifying a problem, he begins to write copious notes!!  Scribble, scribble, scribble, while never missing a thought I am discussion or any body language I may be transmitting.

We discussed at length, how I deal with the impact of LBD.  One of the things I told him, that caused much scribbling, was my view of the future.  While my wife is still very concerned about the future.  I can not even see a future!  I used to be very involved in future planning.  I had savings plans, next promotion plans, retirement plans, trip plans, next car plans, next house plans, I had a plan for everything that could possibly happen in the future.  I continued that planning through the early part of my disease, as if I was going to beat this or even be told they made a mistake.  Now I know, neither is true and I can no longer see even tomorrow!  I know this is a frustration to my wife, but it is where I am.

Another thing we discussed at length is my worries about being accepted into a Continuing Care Retirement Community.  These communities want new residents to be fully functioning when they move in.  The longer we have to wait for an apartment at Azalea Trace, the more remote the possibility that I will be accepted!  He encouraged me to cons idea a community close to us in Spanish Fort, Alabama.   I told him that facility was too far away from our now comfortable footprint of doctors, Bible studies, and family.  So, my frustration and anxiety continues.

Just the same, it is good to have an outsider to confide in and discuss issues that are bothering me without having to consider the feelings of the person I am talking with!   I don't have to carefully pick my words with him.

The last topic we discussed came with homework for me!  I told him I now felt I was in decline and possibly the last decline.  The final, slow, good bye.  He did not judge my statement or try to reason with me.   But he did ask me to provide him reason, feelings, noticed declines in physical or mental ability, on our next visit.  I have already started my list.  Again, this is good, since he did not try to talk me back to "Normalcy".  He just wanted me to document my feelings.

After two visits, three house of counseling, I can say emphatically, that this is good for me!  I do have on wee question I need to ask him.  Since he is from Alabama,  wonder if he is related to the famous NASCAR racing family, since his last name is Yarborough!

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  1. Thanks for the post. As someone with a grandmother who is currently suffering from the early stages of dementia it's nice to know I'm not alone. It's such a heartbreaking condition that I hope we find a way to deal with soon. Thanks again for the post.

    Dementia Clinic