Friday, April 25, 2014

Latest Neurologist Visit

Today, we went to my Neurologist for a six month check up.  I like this Neurologist because he listens, digests the information, and then asked his questions.  He also asks my wife validating questions about my progression.  This was a good visit.

I always provide the doctor with a typed list of symptoms that are new, changed, or increased.  This time I broke them into Mental and Physical issues.  He appreciates that level of organization and it helps the appointment go smoothly.  I do not have to depend on my memory to discuss issues that have occurred over the last six months.  Naturally, my wife pre-reads this list and makes her corrections and comments.

You may be wondering why we only see the Neurologist every six months?  Why see him more?  There is nothing he can do except give me more meds to combat new or increased issues.  And, I will fight him if he does try to give me any more drugs!  Now, if I become violent, I will not fight drugs or placement in a facility.  That is, if I know what I am doing.  He did ask my wife if she still felt safe with me.  She does.  And he asked her about my driving.  She gave me a good report, although she did confirm I keep large distances from cars and I drive much more deliberately now.  Driving for me now requires much more concentration and attention.  I still drive well, but I expend much more energy than I used too.  Driving used to be automatic!!  No more.  I have told you that I have cut my driving down.  As directed, I never drive alone.  We do not go out at night, and I drive less and less.  You might now say I am becoming a good passenger!  I did not used to be.

The Doctor agreed with Linda and me that the disease has progressed, maybe even faster than he expected.  He also told Linda to call him if there are any other changes!   So, scheduled visits more frequent than six months are just not necessary.

Now, we have to deal with my pending hernia surgery.  The Neurologist agreed I had to have that repaired.  He also agreed that I most likely would have negative issues with general anesthesia.  Otherwise, chances are I will not wake up in the same time zone.  But, he told me it would be reckless not to have the hernia repaired.  So, I am going forward wit the surgery.

Things have progressed and we know it.  We will continue to do the best we can.  There was a country music song a long time ago titled; "Making the Best of a Bad Situation."  That's my plan!


  1. You have not mentioned date of surgery. We could say a prayer for you that day. Please post often you have so much to share about how this Lewy thing works. These are your new "war" stories.

  2. I also would appreciate the chance to keep you in my thoughts on the date of your surgery, and am hoping for the best in terms of symptoms after anesthesia. At least you are going into it well-prepared and knowing the risks, which we (my family as a whole) were not, and therefore very surprised and upset when my dad was changed forever after it.