Monday, April 21, 2014

Everything seems so far away!

Have you ever woke up from a nap and everything seemed far away?  The voices you heard were distant and everything you saw seemed distant of as if you were looking through a tube?  I feel that way most of the time now.  It is the newest evidence that the journey is increasing in intensity.

It is somewhat frustrating because I feel so disoriented.   I especially get this feeling in crowds like I described yesterday at church.  In crowds the "Distant" feeling makes me anxious and fearful.  It is as if my sensors are maxed out!  I also have this effect when riding in the car.  For instance, when my wife is approaching a vehicle from behind, the car seems to approach us much faster than she sees it.  I start to yell for her to stop!  She handles it well, but I bet it is aggravating for her.  When I drive, yes, I still drive but not alone, I stop much farther back than she does or I probably used too.  I suspect that frustrates my wife and the other drivers on the road.  I guess it is my turn to aggravate other drivers!!

All of these issues point to progression.  I just hope the progression does not keep me out of a place to live.  Both the Navy Home and Azalea Trace require me to be a "Full Up Round" by their evaluation at my entrance.  We have decided that we will move me into either one that opens up first.  My last communications with the Navy Home administrator stated that I should expect a room in November of this year.  We have no indication on Azalea Trace.  So, we will see.

We always knew this was progressive disease.  We have have experienced a slow progression up to now, so I have nothing to complain about.  And, as my friend, the In Service Engineering Agent for the Diesel Engines on the U.S. Navy Mine Sweepers, Betsy Walsh, says;  It will be what it will be!

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  1. If they require you to be at a certain level to get in, will they kick you out when you go down hill? A friends mother was made to leave when she developed Altzheimers . She had to go to a " memory care facility".