Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dog pills now make a pattern

This morning, I woke up at 0830.  Got up, and went to take my thyroid medication like normal.  A few minutes later I discovered that I had taken Marcel's thyroid medication again!  This is now a pattern and not an isolated incident.

So, now my wife will take over administering the Dog's medicines.  The pills re not the real issue.  My recent loss of my ability to organize actions is.  This loss denotes a plateau drop in my mental functioning. With my pending surgery, that drop is not welcomed.

I have noticed mt inability to organize my thoughts and actions is a threat to my independence.  Yes, I knew it was coming and intact, I have had a longer period of good mental functions than I should have. That is because of my neurologist in Virginia.  But now, either the meds have lost their effectiveness or most likely, the Lewy Bodies have taken over more of my brain, tangling up my executive function.

So, I will have to concentrate on doing one thing at a time.  QIth my Wife's help, I will be OK for a while.


  1. Dear Silverfox, having any kind of surgery does carry risks. You might want to check with your neurologist for a list of meds you should not receive while in the hospital. Our neuro. Listed Compazine, Reglan,Phenergan,Haldol. Also, you might want to ask about a spinal instead of general anesthesia. You are in my prayers.

  2. I have the same comment as above. My dad's dementia went from being managable to much worse because of anesthesia. It was almost as if the anesthesia was a steroid for the dementia, and he has been drastically changed ever since. If there is any way possible to avoid general, I would ask about it. We have found that surgeons have downplayed the effects general anesthesia has on patients with dementia, and had we known about these risks, our family and my father would have made different decisions.