Friday, April 25, 2014

Am I suicidal?

Am I suicidal?  No.  Homicidal?  No, I like women?   At least that is how I answer that question whenever I am asked and I get asked by every doctor I see.  I also get asked if I feel safe in my home.  Today, my wife was asked during my Neurologist's visit if SHE felt safe with me around?  My question is;  What would happen if I said NO to any of these questions.

I asked my wife that question as she drove home.  Her view was they would heavily medicate me.  My view was that they would incarcerate me.  Both are probably partially true. I realize the medical profession is required to ask those questions, but do they really expect an honest answer from the patient that is farther in his journey than I am?  And if I was an abusive husband, would my wife say she felt safe in our home with me there?  Let me answer that; No!

But the question still remains there, am I suicidal or homicidal?  I can honestly say no.  Am I frustrated with the recent downturn in my condition; Yes.  But that should be normal.

The bottom line is, I think the medical profession needs to find a better way to get the answer to this question.  For instance, a telephone call or email to the caregiver.  And a series of questions that actually seek out the mental health of the patient.  Most of us know, until we are so far gone that it does not matter, how to answer those questions and still keep our liberty card!

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