Sunday, March 23, 2014

Vision problems

I have been having problems with my eye sight the last few months.  Yesterday, my son and I went out to test drive some cars for him.  Since I am a car nut, I am always up for a car shopping trip.  He drove the cars and I rode.  He drives like I used too, fast.  When he did, I reacted like Mr. Magoo's Mom!  Going fast seems to make everything seem to be crashing in on me all at once.  Frightening!!

I think I shocked my son with my exaggerated reaction to going fast.  But, it is what it is.  I also notice that I have difficulty seeing small thinks.  For instance, I now have to wear my glasses to shave!   That caused me to from my goatee back.   That way I do n to have the close shaving issues.  Just wide open face and neck on either side!   Much like other things here in the Panhandle of Florida, the last eye doctor I went to was a moron with the customer service skills of a mass murderer!!   So, I am not going to go to another eye doctor here.  Therefore, I will just have to deal with my vision issues.  I did purchase a big magnifying glass to help me see things.   That is better than getting treated like a freak!

When someone tells you Florida is god for retirees.  Or Florida knows how to deal with retirees.   Punch them in the nose!  The Panhandle of Florida, or East Lower Alabama or "East LA" as I like to refer to this hick infested backwoods hell hole, has no capability of helping or dealing with retirees or anyone with a disease more complicated than a hangover.

Oh well, as a friend of mine who is the In Service Engineer for the MCM Diesel engines says; "It is what it is."   I can't change it and I am too tired to try.

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  1. After reading books or watching TV, I always go wash My face which is not advisable and when I have already experienced irritation after several times of washing and My vision was already affected. I felt so lonely and I realized to take care of my eyes and not to mistreat it anymore.I go to Manhattan eye doctors and gave me prescription and eye glasses as well. Eyes provide us vision so we should take good care of our precious eyes cause we can never have another eyes ever and we can't go back those days that we have a good and perfect sight... :(