Sunday, March 30, 2014

The blessing of friends!

This blog was originally established to help me and to leave a legacy to my friends and family.  But it has grown into much more.   Through the emails and comments of those who read these posts, I have received countless blessings and strength.  Many of you who write to me are caregivers for dementia and LBD patients.  Husbands, mothers, fathers, wives, all connected through this blog.  I truly cherish every communication I receive from each of you.  You have helped me through difficult times and even kicked me in the seat of the pants when I needed exactly that!  Like family, you seem to know when I need encouragement, kindness, and counseling.

While I never thought I would be involved in an endeavor as important as this, I cling to each post, each reply, and each email, connected to this blog.  I used to complain that there was no support group for LBD.  That no longer is true.  You are my support group and I strive to be part of yours.

Some of you are farther down the path of LBD than I am. I learn from each of you.  Some of you are new to this challenging journey.  I hope we as a community can be an assistance to you.  I also bring your attention the LBDA.Org site and the blog "" Both of these sites offer great information and insight.  I learn from both of them daily.

As many of you know, my condition has taken another downward turn.  Taking the dog's thyroid medicine was an indicator.  So has me looking for my cell phone all day today.  It seems the dog's pill did not help me track things!   I have learned that it is good to laugh at how Lewy impacts you.  

Another issues I have written about lately is our search for a continuing care community.  It is fantasy to think I am the only one that will need special care.  My wife has a strong genetic link to Alzheimer's and she was exposed to the same chemicals I was in the Navy because I brought my dirty uniforms and work clothes home to be washed when I was not deployed!  There is also brown hips and osteoporosis.  What would I do if she was in a nursing home and I was left at home alone?!  I don't even know what meds I take!  Obviously!!  So a community that provides for both of us is paramount.  But the community we want has a waiting list as long as Interstate 10!  We have continued our search without results.  But, God will provide.  My Pastor's wife at Grace Community Church in Virginia Beach says;  "God has taken god care of me this far, I have no reason to think he will let me down now."  Sound logic to live by and I will.

So, let's keep in touch, supporting each other, and keeping everyone informed on how we are doing.  We will all be better because of our working together.

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