Thursday, March 13, 2014

New doctor visit

Today was my first visit with the psychologist for counseling.  It turned out better than I could have planned.  He is my age or a little older and he did his homework about LBD before my appointment.  He included my wife in the first visit in order to get to know us.  He was very congenial and cringe in his approach.    My wife and I both believe he has my best interests regarding my mental health as his priority.  We spent a considerable about of time discussing continuing care facilities.  He was antimate that we should get into a community sooner than later.  He said I would qualify now but that window is closing.

That brought up a discussion about the community we saw in Alabama, an hour away from where we presently live.  I have discussed this before.  While that facility has his recommendation, the distance from our area and the grandsons keep it from being a contender.

My wife brought up that facility on the way home and we had a discussion about it when we returned home.  We never have an argument.  I can count the number of arguments we have had in our 41+ year marriage on one hand.  But our discussion about the Alabama facility was "Spirited".

Today was a good day.  I am happy I was referred to this new Counselor and I look forward to my next visit, where he and I can delve into issues I have, alone.

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