Monday, March 24, 2014

Medication management

I gave up managing my media long ago after I messed them up so bad I did not know what drugs to take when or what drugs I even had.  However, with my wife's oversight, I have continued to take my meds, as she has them laid out in my pill box.  She always checks on the pill box to make sure I have taken all my pills.  And on busy mornings, she makes sure I take both morning groups of pills.  Some before I eat, some after I eat breakfast.  I also dispense our two elderly poodle's drugs.  Marcel, our 11 year old male, has Hypothyroidism just like me.  He and I take our morning pill at the same time.  It is even the same drug, he just gets a higher dose than I do, until this morning!

We were going out to eat breakfast with our son.  That changed my morning routine.  That was the issue.  My routine is my lifeline.  Change it and I do not guarantee the results.  This morning, I took Marcel's thyroid medicine!   I did not figure it out until I went to give Marcel his pill!

I feel OK, my stomach is a little upset, but I guess I will live.  But it upsets me and illustrates to me that I am loosing control of my ability to manage things in my life.  It is frightening and disconcerting, but not unexpected.  Actually, I am surprised it has taken this ling for me to reach this point.  I owe my slow progression to Dr. Mary Bowles in Norfolk, Virginia.  I need to go home and give her s hug.

So, we will cautiously watch this new indicator and see if it is an anomaly or a trend.  Meanwhile, I am not scratching flees and I have not chased any squirrels in the yard, yet!

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