Friday, March 14, 2014

I no longer have value!

When I was at the Psychologist's office yesterday, he said something that I have been mulling over this morning.  He said I was a Type "A" personality guy and had a long, successful, carer in the Navy.  There I had value.  People sought out my opinion and looked to me for technical solutions.  I was a leader.  I briefed the Secretary of the Navy, the CNO, and other Admirals, not to mention the crew of just about every ship in the Surface Force of the Atlantic Fleet.  On ships, I was the senior Ordnance person.  I was, as the CPO Creed says,; "The fount of wisdom."

Now, no one looks to me for anything.  I am away from my Navy friends.  The grandsons have their own lives, and even my wife corrects me most of the time.  There is no place in my life that I am the subject matter expert.  No one who looks to me for critical answers.  And there is not even one person who wants to listen to my sea stories!

The Psychologist wants me to get involved in something I am passionate about.  Nothing comes to mind!!  Yes, I love our Bible Study at Bay Breeze Assisted Living Facility.  But they are the only people that are happy to see me and depend on me for anything.  Otherwise, I am mostly ignored, and sometimes a burden.

Maybe that is why my mind spends so much time back in the Navy.  There I was somebody of value. The Psychologist was right!


  1. Hogwash!

    Every person's life has value. Sounds like someone with a medical degree is just looking at what was and not what is.
    My husband taught more about Lewy Body dementia as he lived it and I wrote about it. That's value.
    You, Sir, not only live it, but speak it, teach it.
    That's Value.

    Maybe it doesn't look like value to you, but through the eyes of the All Knowing it is.
    You are His child, He loves you and values you.

    Like you, my husband was chosen to live a certain life. We never expected it to be Lewy Body Dementia, but it was. As the children of the Most High we are to live our lives like we belong to Him and lead others to Him. Just like you, We set out to educate about Lewy and share our faith. Terrible things happen to people every day. It's our attitudes that make the difference in living life.
    Your faith and trust and hope in the eternal life is of much greater value than any earthly honor you might have received or felt. You may have been a leader to
    "the Secretary of the Navy, the CNO, and other Admirals, not to mention the crew of just about every ship in the Surface Force of the Atlantic Fleet. On ships, I was the senior Ordnance person. I was, as the CPO Creed says,; "The fount of wisdom.""

    But now, If you can educate one person to have a better understanding about Lewy and be a better person for it, how can that not be value?
    If you can offer hope and lead one lost soul to Christ through your life today, how can that not be value?

    We were never promised an easy life.
    We were asked to remain faithful to a loving God who wants us to live forever with him through the blood of the Son Christ.

    Don, you have a hope for the final tomorrow that many don't.

    I say, if your psychiatrist cant see your value, you need a new one because that persons opinion is of no value. Meaning, nothing good came out of it.

    Continuing to pray for you and Linda,

  2. Master Chief, with all do respect sir, I agree with Kathy - Hogwash - Love that term, something I miss hearing my mother say, regardless, let me just say this to you sir, I read your other blog, the Master Chiefs Lair and with all do respect, your sea stories put a smile on my face everyday, why, well as a former GMG myself, I can honestly say, if it wasnt for you straight up saying what is on your mind, then hell, whats the point of saying anything, all I can say is this Master Chief, keep the sea stories coming and the recognition of our days gone past in the Navy. Keep it up, you make my day.