Monday, March 10, 2014

Hallucination and other unexplained issues

I have hallucinations.  That is, I see things that others don't.  Like a horse in our back yard or a man walking across I-110 in traffic.  There are others but you get the idea.  They tell me this is "normal" for LBD patients.  I also have issues with people following me and coming into our home ant taking things!

I do't remember if I wrote about being follower or not,  That incident was a while ago.  But recently, things have been disappearing from our home.  For instance, a can of coffee, stored in the bottom of the pantry came up missing.

Now, I drink coffee like a Sailor!  Of course, that is OK because I am a Sailor.  I keep track of my coffee supply and I know that can was there.  But, when we got home from the Commissary, it was gone!  Did I hallucinate that can of coffee?  Not in my mind.

The statement goes; "Just because I am paranoid, does not mean people are not out to get me."  Well, just because I have LBD does not mean I am not being followed or that someone is not coming into our home and taking things!  But, like my acquaintance at the rec center says; "They say I have hallucinations!"  I agree with Andy.  I was followed on that day and that coffee was there before we went to the Commissary.   I just need to figure out who is messing with me.

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  1. I am going through this with my husband, only it is directed at me. I moved or took something. Then he broods about what I have done to him. What do you have that someone would take the time and energy to follow you? Why would someone steal a can of coffee but nothing else in the house? I wish I had an answer to fixing something that feels so real but is not. I guess that's why they call it an hallucination. God bless