Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Doctor humor!

After the move to Florida, we had to build a medical support group again.  I had the best Medical Support Group in Virginia with the primary member being my GP, Dr. Robert Dowdy.  Building a new team was not easy and it took a while with a few doctor firings and some tense moments.  But, we are about 90% there now.

Our Family Doctor is very good.   She is not Bob Dowdy, but she is good.  A few days ago, I had an appointment with her and I discussed some of the physical issues of my LBD.  Like me "soiling" my self.  She came back with some advice.  She asked me if I had seen the movie; "Bucket List"?  I had not.  So she regaled me with a line that Jack Nicholson used in the movie.  She told me; "Never trust a fart or waste an erection!"

That is good advice!  Since passing gas has lead to embarrassments and so has having to scratch my bottom.  The second half also makes sense since that part of my life is as messed up as everything else.  So, I am taking that advice when I remember it.  Generally I remember her advice after an accident!  Sort of like closing the barn after the horses have left!

Having a disease that will not be fired and will only get worse, requires a sense of humor!  My Family Doctor has one and I appreciate that.  Tomorrow, I go see a Psychologist to help me with some of the other emotional issues I have been struggling with.  I am reserving judgement until after a couple of visits with him.  A Psychologist can help me, or he can ruin my life.   In Florida, and in other states, he has the power and authority to institutionalize me, take away certain rights, like driving and ownership of things I cherish.  So, I am going to be reserved with him until I get a read on him.  That is, if I remember to be reserved with him.  It could be like my doctor's advice on passing gas!

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