Sunday, February 23, 2014

We are not alone!!

I am receiving more and port comments and emails from caregivers of LBD patients that are traveling the same path as I am.  They look OK, act OK, talk OK, to the uneducated.  They look normal to the people that do not live with the.  Most people do not see them in a rage after the sun goes down.  Their relatives don't see them do the crazy things that we do and don't understand why we get yelled at for them.  Like making a paper hat at a Church meeting and then wearing it!

It is good for me to know I am not the only individual doing strange things and saying things that people are shocked by.  My poor wife is constantly trying to keep me in line.  Not because I embarrass her but because she is trying to keep me from embarrassing myself!

More and more, I avoid social engagements.  Crowds or even small groups of people overwhelm me. When we go to Church on Sunday morning, I am frightened of the crowd.  My vision closes down to a pencil point.   I look around me, but I see little.  I do much better at home.

So, I am glad my little blog acts a an avenue to bring us together!!  I encourage more of you to join our support group!!  We can help each other deal with the ups and downs of LBD.  Thanks!!


  1. I believe the extra input from crowds overwhelms the nervous system. Resulting in tunnel vision, sensitivity and finally exhaustion. Something's cannot be explained until /unless you have experienced them.

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    —”This is one of the most unique family stories I’ve ever read. I found myself rooting for the whole family. It also helped me as a caretaker.” Frances Blake, just a book lover who enjoys a good story while caring for her sick mother.