Friday, February 28, 2014

Thanks for your concern

My last post was about a real issue that I deal with.  I have told you before that I spend more and more time in the past.  Doing that, brings back things that upset me then, and they upset me now.  It is like I am reliving these painful memories all over again.   If you think you were upset by what I wrote, you should have been in my head!!  I did not sleep for two or three nights.   This is related to me living in my memories and loosing my mental ability to sort these things our, past from today, and done with verses still facing!    I believe it is also connected to my loss os social filters.  But, I am not a doctor, so I may be all wet!

Still, I have received emails to my personal email address and comments on the blog side making sure I was OK.  Friends from Church and LBD friends.  I really appreciate all the confer, prayers, and advice.  It is good to have a support group this big and this caring.

So, as many of your in the LBD community know,  I will probably have to deal with these issues forever.   Writing about it actually helps me deal with these issues.  I also go see a psychologist in the next week or so and that may also help. I am reserving judgement.

I have read other LBD blogs and understand what I am going through is not abnormal.  That is actually comforting to me.  For instance, when I punched my wife when I was having a violent dream, I felt terrible.  I had no idea that was going to be a LBD problem.  My neurologist's reply was; "I was expecting that!"  She could have warned me!  I would have bought my wife a catcher's mask!

So, onward and upward.  I am doing better.  Not great, but better.  And you had a big part in making me feel better!  Thanks.

And for the people I mentioned in my previous post;  I am still mad at you!  Call me or I will call you.  Unless you are already dead!!  Than, I will leave you alone.

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