Friday, February 7, 2014

Other issues

Since we moved to the Pensacola area, there are services we were used to in Virginia Beach that East Lower Alabama just does not have.  Like street lights, schools that teach, anything of the service sector open on Saturday or Sunday, and anything serving retired people.  I know you think; "Move to Florida for retirement."  Well, that is Tampa, Orlando, Miami, anywhere in the peninsula of Florida.  The panhandle is really Alabama in every sense of the word.  These morons even import "Sticks".  The are not IN the sticks.  They have to go get them.  Now if you lived here your entire life, it probably would not bother you.  Since you can't read, don't have manners, and have expectations lower that a sewer pipe!  I hate this place!

Why am I so upset?  Well, the only Men's barber shop in Gulf Breeze is only open Monday through Friday, 0730-1700.  No nights, no Saturdays.  Now, I hate going to places that do women's hair for a hair cut.  I hate the smell of the junk they put on their hair!  Beauty parlors, an oxymoron, smell terrible and I will not go in one!!  I get my hair cut by men in a Men's Barber Shop.  No women allowed.  I do not go where the girly men go!

So, I called ahead and got my name on the list. I showed up when I was told to.  And they were chock full!  Even though my name was on the list, I waited 90 minutes and I still did not get a haircut.  I finally left when the barber I used to like took someone who missed his turn, before me.  It will be a cold day in Hell before I go into that barber shop again!!  Not to mention I paid $20 per haircut!  Screw them. Screw East Lower Alabama.   I will cut my hair myself.

Now, my anger is another issue that has surfaced over the last few weeks.  I normally hold my anger in check except for the rare times someone pushes me past my limit.  Then, I always could be dangerous.  But I have not been this angry since the Spanish immigrants in the Seniors Apartment in Virginia Beach commandeered the elevator in our building to move in and would not let us use it to take our groceries up to the third floor.  That one almost caused a fight.

I am not a happy camper and I will be in bed soon.  Don't call me tonight,  It would not be pretty!

Update;  Do you see your loved one in my diatribe?  Anger at things we can't understand or can't control is a real problem.  I have been angry since this morning when my bathroom incident occurred!  As I have said before, this is a brutal disease that negatively effects the patient and the caregiver.

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