Saturday, February 22, 2014

Not so good a day.

Today, we volunteered at the concession stand for our Grandson's Lacrosse game.  The team makes the money it needs to equip and travel the team through the selling of food at the games.  The parents provide the man power.  They had a need for volunteers, so we pitched in.

The amount of work was  not difficult.  It was a slow day for food and drinks.  I had time to talk our middle Grandson's Father.  He works for the Navy and has a deep background in Navy things I enjoy.  He even know many of the folks I used to interface with.  He and I talked for about a half hour and at the end of the conversation I could feel myself sagging mentally.  By the time we got home, I was a basket case.  I actually had to sit down because I was unsteady on m feet.  I feel completely depleted of energy and I cannot deal with any conversation of mental interference.

I feel dizzy and unstable on my feet and my energy level is on empty.  This is completely opposite from where I was yesterday.   This is a prime issue with LBD.  But this drop was more pronounced than before.  Maybe because I was exposed to so many folks I did not know.  Or maybe the 30 minute conversation, high energy,  centered on Navy.  But I am worn out and headed to bed.

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