Sunday, February 16, 2014

Being consumed by Lewy Body Dementia

When I was young, I never understood why older people always talked about their medical issues.  Now I know!  You medical issues are always on your mind!  From pills, to doctor's appointments, to future plans.  Everything you do or will do rotates around what is wrong with you.  In my case, I am consumed by what my future mental and physical capabilities will be.  I have a pretty good idea, and that is what drives my waking thoughts.

It is said we become our parents.  There is also an old saying I learned in the Navy; " I know a lot of old people, and I know a lot of dumb people.  But I don't know any old, stupid, people!  You have to be smart to get old!!"  That being said, I am going to use some of that accumulated wisdom to guide the rest of my life.

Psalm 139 tells us, all the days of our life, were written in God's book, before we were formed in our Mother's womb!  Since that IS the truth, God knew I was going to have this disease.  And God already knows how this will turn out.  SO, why should I waste my time and energy worrying about how to provide for myself and my wife in the future.  In the twelfth chapter of Luke, Jesus says God feeds the worthless ravens and give the grass better clothes that Solomon had, why do we worry about what we are to eat of wear?  Since God loves us much more than that worthless raven and lowly grass!  Again, if that is so, and it IS, then I should trust God to take care of Linda and me.

This is now my new plan for what remains of my life.  I am going to live as if I have no disease.  Live as a "Saved by Grace" son of God.  And lay ALL my burdens at the foot of the Cross!

Now, understand, I am still going to follow medical advice.  I have limited my driving, I take all my prescribed medicines, and I exercise and eat a balanced diet.  I visit my GP, Dentist, Neurologist, and Psychiatrist, as scheduled.  But, I am going to LIVE my life for Christ.  That does not include moping around waiting for the next shoe to drop.  Yes, a few have dropped recently.  But, I feel better today, after Church and lunch, than I have since Christmas.  No, my hallucinations have not stopped.  I saw a horse on Interstate 10 today!   With saddlebags!!  You don't see that too much on freeways!  But, who cares, I know it was not real.  Or at least I am fairly sure.  I still have something to give and that is what I am going to do.  So, for the foreseeable future, Gulf Breeze Florida is our home base.

God's Word offers us so much wisdom and so much encouragement.  We must stop listening to the world and start listening to God.  The world wants us defeated!  God wants us empowered.  He wants us empowered so much that He defeated the power of death through the sacrificial death of Jesus, His son.  If we claim that promise, we are untouchable by the world.  Jesus told his decibels, the world may kill you. but not one hair on your head will perish.  Now I understand what he meant!! Praise the Lord!!

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