Saturday, January 4, 2014

Walking, mobility, and vanity

I have been feeling better than normal lately.  Yesterday, we went to a local mall to do some shopping, and I decided to take my cane with me.  I have not been using my cane lately but I thought that it would be a good idea to have my cane, just in case I needed it.  As we walked, I used my cane and I was very surprised that I felt so much more stable!  My walking was easier, more secure and relaxed!

Now, the question is, why have I not been using my cane?  Simple answer: Vanity!!  Really, vanity. Much like I try so hard to keep up to date with the world around me, or try to pay attention to people talking to me.  I want to look "Normal".  That's not strange or weird, it is just personal vanity.

It is like some folks not wanting to wear glasses, or have their grey hair show, or wear certain undergarments to hide their bulges.  We are vain about our appearance.  People get their teeth whitened, even though it reduced the enamel on their teeth and causes other issues.   People dye their hair, even though there is research that ties hair dyes to brain cancer.  But, my teeth are white, my hair is not grey, my stomach does not show, so I look good!!  It's killing me, but I look good!

Sooner or later, I am going to have a serious fall if I don't use my cane all the time.  So, I have decided to use my cane when ever I am out of the house.  If you see me without my cane, ask me where m cane is.  I will get the point.  I am a hard head, but I do get the point after a while.

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