Monday, January 6, 2014

Vision issues, seldom mentioned

I have noticed that I am not seeing as clearly or crisply as I was just recently.   I had my eyed examined about two years ago and there was little change in me prescription.  But like I said, I have noticed a marked degradation in my vision.  So, off to the Internet I went to see if this was related to LBD or just old age vision issues.  The answer surprised me.

It seems, LBD does impact vision.  So do other forms of dementia but to a lesser degree.  It seems the vision change is a part of the change caused by the degradation of the autonomic functions of the brain.  The part of the brain that controls body heat levels, blood pressure, causes or regulates constipation, and other automatic body functions.

Since I am not a neurologist and know little about how the brain functions, I was surprised that vision was an automatic function.  But, it makes sense now.  It seems that the vision impacts come in the areas of color recognition, shape definition, depth perception, and facial recognition.  For instance, my wife was showing me something I did not recognize and asking me if it was OK.  I could not recognize it, even though I was sitting right next to her.  When she passed it to me to hold, I recognized it as one of those round cheese snacks, Baby Bell, that come in the plastic case.   Until I held it, I did not know what shape color, or substance it was.  It was a blob to me.

I have not seen the depth perception issue yet, but I am less stable on my feet and seem to wobble when I reach for something.  So, maybe I am experiencing depth perception issues and don't recognize it.  I have always had a color deficiency issue.  So, that one will have to get really bad for it to impact me.  Just the same, I do not see as good as I did even a couple of months ago.  I will probably go see and Ophthalmologist soon.  But I don't look forward to that since most eye doctors can't even spell Lewy Body Dementia.

My patience with doctors has become strained and that is why I am reticent to make that move.  I would almost rather just deal with the vision issue.  We will see.

I wanted to get this issue out since I believe there are more of you that have the same vision issues I do.  If you are a care giver, it may make your spouses life better if you can improve their vision.  


  1. Vision problems are becoming an issue for my dad also. We were told that his vision would be affected and that he should get his eyes checked as he feels necessary. I know it frustrates him because he has told us so. LBD is an emotionally and physically ongoing battle. Prayers being said for all who are affected by this disease.

  2. I never would have known about this issue if you hadn't shared it. Thank you.