Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Someone is messing with my routine!

This week is a television week I wait for all year!  It is the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auction in Scottsdale Arizona.  I am a car NUT!!  This auction has cars that I could only dream about.  SPEED Channel used to carry wonderful coverage of this event.  Starting on Tuesday night, 4 or more hours of cars being auctioned off, deep inspections of those cars, and wonderful memories of the cars of my youth.  Friday and Saturday, SPEED had 12 hours of coverage seeing that these were the days that the Big Money cars were presented.  I was in car lovers heaven!!

But, last year, FOX bought out The SPEED Channel and made it a lame sports channel.  All of the car lovers shows are gone.  But what is worse, is that Fox has spread the coverage of the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car auction over four channels!!  It is a maze of alphabet soup cable channels and without my wife, I would NEVER see anything!

I hate it when people mess with my routine.  I live by my routine.  Routine keeps me in balance.  Without my routine, I get very difficult to be around!  Why do rich, fools, try to change things that were working well before they touched them.  SPEED never seemed to need advertisers.  All their commercial slots were filled.  And not with public service announcements!  But, Fox bought SPEED out and now, Fox Sports runs paid commercials for items that stores would not sell!  I loved watching car rebuilding shows, past races, even lawn mower race events!!  Now, nothing.

I cannot find my car auction unless my wife searches for 10 minutes to find it.  My routine is disrupted and I am not doing well with it.   I realize the world cares very little about me and my issues.  But there must be others that miss SPEED.  Or, maybe it is just because of where I am at the time in life.  But, I remain frustrated, cantankerous, and grumpy, over this intrusion into my television viewing routine!

I know this is LBD related.  I know some of you find it humorous or even funny.  Wait until your routine gets disrupted!  Then you will understand!  And by the way, don't anyone dare move my coffee cup or there WILL be hell to pay!  

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  1. You mean you don't loose your coffee cup like Bobby? I'm always having to search for it for him. I need to put some kind of homing device on it that will beep when I press a button.