Thursday, January 30, 2014

Severe Winter Storm, in FLORIDA!

This is our third winter in Florida.  The last two have been mild.  But the year looks like Cleveland!!  Temps in the teens, ice storms, snow, schools closed, road, closed, power failures, businesses closed, runs on stores, this is crazy!!  My driveway is a sheet of ice and this is the third day!

But I did experience something interesting.  The first time the power went out, I was reclined in my lift chair.  Without me touching any controls, it automatically put the chair to it's stored position.  It did not lift me up, but it put the foot portion down and the back straight up!  Nice feature!  And it is faster than if I use the controller.  So, if I am in my chair and the telephone rings, I would do better to pull the power cord than use the controller.  It is faster!

We are going out today to hold our weekly Bible Study at the local Assisted Living Facility.  It is only a few blocks away and the road in front of our home looks clear.  It is just the driveway that offers a challenge to my Subaru!   And people laughed at me for having a Subaru in Florida!!  Looks like I get the last laugh.

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