Sunday, January 12, 2014

Recent changes that I did not see

OK, my memory is no longer a perfect thing.  At one time, I had near total recall.  But now, not so much.  When I was in the Navy, I could remember all the technical data for the MK 42 Gun Mounts.  I seldom needed the technical drawings to troubleshoot a malfunction.  Now, I can't follow a simple recipe.  But today, on the way to Church, my wife informed me that over the Christmas Holiday, I had a measurable downturn in my mental capabilities.

Her declaration surprised me because, up to now, I have always know that I had a shift I'm my mental of physical position.  Normally, I tell her and she confirms my statement.  This time, I was surprised and really unaware of my degradation.

I guess that is the next step in this journey called LBD.   Things changing that I do not realize.  It is good that my Wife pays such close attention to my progress.  It is also good that she will tell me because sometimes I can be difficult to convey things too!   We will definitely convey these changes to my neurologist and psychiatrist during the next visits.

As I observe LBD, first hand, it has become apparent that I am not in control and I am not even informed of what is happening or what is around the corner.  I never liked surprises so I find the secretive changes of LBD to be unnerving.  But, there is nothing I can do so there is no reason to get upset.

The vision changes were a surprise to me in that I did not know that was a part of LBD.  OK, I can't know all the issues related to LBD.  But mental changes that I did not see?  That is another issue all together.  So, as I have done since the beginning, I inform all of you.  This is quite a journey into the unknown.  I remember President Reagan's letter about his Alzheimer's.  He said he was on a journey into the unknown.  He was right.

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