Thursday, December 12, 2013

I am feeling better! What next?

The fact is that LBD is s roller coaster ride or feeling good and bad.  Symptoms get better and even seem to disappear and then, BAM!  You are much worse than you have ever been.  So I am very reticent to say that I feel much better.   I have been down this road before and I know what's coming.  Just the same, it feels great to be on the upswing.

I was discussing this with my Wife as we drove home from our weekly Bible study at the local Assisted Living Facility.  There have been a couple of changes in my life.  First, at the direction of my GP, I have lost over 50 pounds!  I now wear 36 inch waist trousers.  I was tight in 40's!  I actually tried on 35 in Wranglers and they fit great.  But I bought 36's because Jeans shrink!

Another change is the addition of a new miniature poodle in our home.  She is almost 13 years old and her parents died recently.  Their children did not want her and the caregiver is a friend of our Daughter in Law.  We met her and immediately adopted her.  She has fit into our family.  Marcel the Wonder Dog loves having a sister.  They seem to be buddies already.  She has been to the Vet and received a remarkable report.  While she needs some dental work, she is very healthy!  We have both fallen in love with her and all four of us are settling in well.

These two changes may be the reason for my recent upswing, or not.  It is hard to tell.  My energy levels are up a bit.  My strength is still not there, and my short term memory is poor, but I feel better.  I feel like the gloom has lifted!  It is amazing!

It may also be the happiness of the Christmas season!  Our home is decorated and family plans are all made.  My Wife is planning to make her specialty pies and all the presents are wrapped.   The joy of the season permeates my being.  Christmas is the celebration of the beginning of God's Perfect Plan to bridge the gap between sinful mankind and Himself.  Jesus Christ stepped into the stream of humanity as a child to be Crucified, Dead, Buried, and Resurrected 33 years later , to pay the price, once and for all, to purchase us,you and me, out of the chains of the slavery of sin!  Now that is a reason to celebrate and feel great!

SO, while this may not last long, I will cherish it as long as I can.  After all, it's Christmas!!

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