Monday, December 2, 2013

Holiday stress

Thanksgiving is over and Christmas is 24 days away, I can feel the stress growing already!  We do our best to reduce holiday stress.  We decorated the house already, all the Christmas shopping is done, and our party planner is kept purposely empty.  We also do our best not to be out after dark, because I do not do well in the dark!

But there is still stress that comes naturally with the season.  I really do not know how to deal with that.  We try to keep our routine intact.   That helps me.  But there are stressors that lurk in the decorations!

We change many things inout home with the decorations of Christmas.   Familiar items are put away  to make room for treasured momentous.   We have some precious ornaments that are now displayed on a small wire tree.  I knocked the tree over and onto the floor the other day trying to operate a wall switch!  I broke a Lennox Cross that has been with us forever!  I felt horrible!  I apologized many times and my wife is being very understanding over this.  The accident is the result of my rigidity and loss of vision from LBD.  We both know that, but it still frustrates me and causes extreme stress for me!

I am sure there will be other issues caused by LBD.  This is the first of the year!  And the incident set a negative tone for me.   Hopefully, I will forget it soon.  That is also a benefit of LBD!  But we will be ever vigilant to reduce stress this Christmas season.

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