Wednesday, November 13, 2013

What helps you feel better?

Those of us who are in the first half of our journey with Lewy Body Dementia, still seek out the pleasures of life.  Food, travel, companionship, hobbies, intimate relations, all still bring us pleasure.

I love to eat.  However, my Doctor has put me on a reduced carb diet.  It has worked wonderfully.  I have lost 45 pounds so far and my Triglycerides and blood sugar are now well with in normal specifications!  Does this mean I don't eat what I like?  No, I just eat less of it.  For instance, tonight, we decided we wanted Cheese sandwiches and tomato soup for dinner.  How did we do it?  We each had one toasted cheese sandwich on lower carb bread than our old favorite, Milton's Bead.  We made the tomato soup with water instead of milk.  It was great.

We have learned that I do much better if we connect with friends, nature, and ourselves.  We walk for exercise, enjoy Church, shopping, and family outings.  While I want to sit in my recliner, alone, I am much better if we do something interactive, interesting, different.  Interaction challenges the brain.  While I ride in the car more than drive, I still enjoy being out and around.

I am interested in what helps you feel better.  I am always open to learning from other with more experience than me.  So let me know!

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