Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Telephone calls are a lifeline for me

Since we moved to Florida, I don't get to see my Navy buddies from the Tidewater Area of Virginia and other places around the country.  Many of them still work and travel is not an option.  I fully understand that.  But telephone calls keep me going!

Every week I spend at least and hour on the phone with my best friend Jerry!  We discuss anything and everything.  His calls rebuild my moral ands my spirits.  I have another friend from the USS Stein days that calls me at least once a month.  CJ and I talk about our exploits and old friends.  I look forward to his calls.

I get monthly calls from one of eh Supervisors that I worked with for 20 years in civil service.  Steve and I enjoy a special connection from our work days as well as with my disease since his Father had Alzheimer's.

Other friends call less frequent, but their calls are just as precious to me.

I remember when I was on active duty and deploying on a regular basis.  Telephone calls home, to hear my wife's voice, to talk about home, was the best, sweetest, thing I had.  Back in those days, long distance, overseas calls were VERY expensive.  But we did not care.  It was our lifeline!   Well, today, calls from friends and relatives in still my lifeline.

With LBD, it is easy to get overwhelmed with the emotion of; "No one cares about me anymore".   Depression, is a real issue, even if I deny it.  But a call from a friend is just the medicine to cure the depression blues.  To hear how everyone at work is doing, or how the last Gun Show was, is a salve to my damages psyche.  I still check out the local news on first thing, every morning.  I check the weather report, and the obituaries too.  I need to stay connected to home.

I know it is easy to forget an friend or relative that is some distance away and impacted by a disease.  They are out of sight and out of mind.  Yes, you send them a Christmas card.  Yes, you think about them is they come up in a conversation.  And you probably tell one of their jokes or sea stories every once in a while.  But they never know that because you never call.

Email is nice, but your voice is the medicine we need.  The only thing better would be a visit.  But as with me, work always comes first.  I understand that.

The few times a month that I am home alone, I never have the television or radio on.  I enjoy the quiet, and I want to be able to hear the telephone ring so I don't miss a call from a friend.

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