Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sometimes I get tired of the fight!

When you have Lewy Body Dementia, every day is a fight!  You fight to maintain some resemblance of being normal.   You struggle to do things.  You struggle to hold your temper when the night brings the angry and agitation.  Now I have to struggle with my doctors and CVS Pharmacy on who writes which prescription.  Since we moved to Florida, my prescriptions have been in constant turmoil which causes major stress for my wife and me.  Frankly, I am tired of the fight!

I have complained before that there is no on to help those of us impacted by LBD or any other dementia.  Each one of us is on our own to fight the many conflicts that arise.  We have no organization, business,  or individual to turn too for help and advocacy.  Again, I hear you saying;  "Why don't you start one?"  I am busy enough trying not to pee in my pants well enough start an organization or fight with a pharmacy or doctor's office.

This is the place where I begin to think I would be better off in a Memory Support unit or in an Assisted Living Facility where they deal with my fights.  Of course, I am not ready for that, yet.  But it is a tempting proposition.

If you are a care taker, you have my everlasting respect.  I know my wife is burdened with a tremendous amount of responsibility and the stress that goes with that.  I really cannot help that much.  The best thing I can do is stay out of the way.

So, the fight goes on.  Right now, LBD is winning.  I suspect it will stay in the lead until the end.

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