Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Some time alone, to think

My wife and I are together 99% of the time.  She gets a respite from me on Wednesday mornings when she goes to a Bible study.  Linda has been involved with Bible Study Fellowship  (BSF) for many years.   It is an international Bible study that actually requires the attendees to do the assignments!  She truly enjoys this time away and it depends he walk with the Lord.

I get the only time alone at home that I get each week.  I do not go out of the house during this time.   do find projects inside the house to do, or I surf the Web, or talk to old friends.  I am pretty good at filling this time with things that I enjoy.

But it illuminates to me, our need to have some alone time, to think, relate to others, or foo something that is totally our interest.  My wife is my only caregiver.  I know that I am on her mind 24/7/365.  Managing my meds, checking how I am doing,. reacting to the many mental changes that happen throughout the day, worrying about the future, managing our finances, driving me where ever I need to go, and making sure I take my meds!  She needs a pay raise!

If it were not for Linda, I would most likely be in a professional care facility that could keep me on track.  By, Marcel the Wonder Dog and I are under her expert, loving care.  But still, she needs time to pursue things that enrich her.  I do not know how to make that happen, but we need to.

Today, my mind is more confused and detached than normal.  While I am fine to be alone, I notice that I cannot concentrate on any one subject.  It is like, surfing through an article and having advertisements pop up every paragraph.  Those BIG ads that fill the entire screen and are loud!  After the shock of that mental interruption, I have difficulty getting back to was I was doing.  As I have written before, that is caused by the failure of the "Executive Function" in my brain.  This LBD issues is more frustrating than others.  I just can't stay on point.

For instance, at this point, I really do not know what the main point of this post was supposed to be!  I sat down with a need to write a post on some important topic, but, for the life of me, I don't remember what.  Just the dame, it illustrates the condition and that is good for the readers.  Thanks.

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