Saturday, November 16, 2013

Feeling down

Today, I had an outing planned.  The person that I wanted to go on that outing with could not make it.  So, because I can no longer drive alone, I did not go either.  I suppose that's the way it goes.  My Dad used to say that he hated to make plans because when they happened the event was anticlimactic and if it did not happen, he was disappointed.  I am beginning to understand what Dad meant.

Older adults are treated as burdens in our society.  Our infirmities are looked on as an inconvenience to the young.  Even the Affordable Care Act penalizes the young to help the elderly.  How long will it be before the premise of the movie "Soilent Green" becomes real?  If you do not know about this movie, find it and watch it.  It is much like Orwell's "1984".

But folks with experience, and you don't get experience until you are old, have much to offer if the young would only listen.  But alas, they don't.

I wish so much, that I had listened more to my Dad and learned more from him.  I had more time with him than many other young people do.  But it was not enough!  Now, I long for his sage advice and teaching stories.  No computer, blog, book, or recording can ever replace one on one discussions with a person of experience.

Instead, Marcel the Wonder Dog and I sit in my power recliner and lament our situation.  I once knew an older person who told their children; "If you don't come see me now, don't bother coming to my funeral!"  That was a difficult pill to swallow then, but I understand the sentiment behind the statement.

When we are young, we are in a hurry and we tolerate nothing or no one that will slow us down.  Career, interests, friends, love, excitement, all come first.  Then, we get old, and all of the things that kept our attention seem to fade away.  And, because we did not take time to build relationships, we are alone, wondering what went wrong.  A friend sent me an email the other day that had this saying on the bottom;  "We grow too soon old, and too late wise."   How true it is.

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  1. Your post really touched my heart. It is true that kids & family do not take enough time to stay in touch. My oldest son calls home once a month and it saddens me because I know he has time for me, he just chooses to assume that I will always be there when he calls. I spend as much time with my parents as I possibly can. I had to leave them yesterday to come back to my home and I miss them already. My mom called this morning and I asked her if dad rode his bike last night and she said "Yes" ... I asked "How long did he ride it for?" "20 minutes," she said. I was so bummed because when I am there he does 32 minutes. I sit and visit with him while he pedals the bike because then he does not get bored. I look at it this way, He spent his life giving me all of his time so I sure as hell can spend 32 minutes with him while he pedals his bike. When I first got my cancer diagnosis my dad was the first one to hug me and tell me that WE will get through this, not it is my turn to repay the love.
    I hope today is a good day for you and that you find many many reasons to smile! :)