Friday, October 11, 2013

Why I write

This blog has been a labor of love for me.  I started this endeavor at the encouragement of my Wife and my Neurologist.  It is a sort of therapy for me but I hope it is a source of first hand information on how Lewy Body Dementia impacts the person effected by LBD.  I have explained and discussed all but the most personal issues of how LBD has affected my life.  But the most rewarding part for me the may comments you, the readers, post.

Many of you have commented on the "First Person" approach I have used.  God has given me the ability to write about what I experience and feel in this journey.  Other well written blogs approach LBD from the "Care Giver's" point of view.   I read these blogs and have gained some very useful information and my Wife and I appreciate their candor and truthfulness.   It is very important for the care givers with experience to inform the new care givers of the issues they face.

For those of us with LBD, there is little chance to interact with a fellow LBD sufferer.  The LBD Association does a great job keeping us up to date on treatments, research, and symptoms.  But there is still a need to understand the silent issues the LBD sufferer faces.  Sun Downing, vivid dreams that meld into your waking hours, the urgent need to know where your care giver is, 24/7/365, and other annoying issues we have.  These are the areas I try to provide input for and I will as long as God gives me the ability to write.

That being said, it is more difficult to express myself.  As I have described before, my anger issues have increased and that makes it difficult to write an unemotional blog.  You probably agree with me on that.  But I will continue to try.  LBD can be a lonely journey for the person with the disease and the care giver.  Very few people even know what LBD is!  And then, when you tell them about it you get the reply;  "He doesn't look sick!".  Well, try being with him after the sun goes down.  Trying sleeping with him when he dreams of a fight and punches you in the nose!  So, we all need to educate those around us about this quiet, tortuous, disease.

I appreciate your readership and friendship.  I very much appreciate your comments and suggestions.  We are in this journey together.  When one of us grieves, all of us must grieve.  We are our own support group and I encourage even more of your to blog about your experiences with Lewy Body Dementia.  There is plenty of room for all of us!  Again, Thanks!!

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