Monday, October 7, 2013

Sleep effects Lewy Body Dementia

I recently received a comment from a reader discussing REM Sleep disorders and LBD.  The reader was absolutely correct.  I have REM sleep issues including acting out my very life like dreams.  I wrote about it before, but to keep it short, one night, I was dreaming I was in a big fight and I desperately needed to hit someone!  I did!!  And I drove my Wife across the bed!!  I take some drugs for that problem but I still move around a lot and my Wife stays on alert for any quick moves on my part.

REM sleep disorders are a prime indicator of LBD.  When we told my neurologist about the punching episode she said; "I was expecting that!"  I told her a "Heads Up" would have been nice.  But she told us she did not tell us because she wants everything to develop on it's own.  Just the same, I had a hard time getting my wife to stop sleeping with a catcher's mask on!

Vivid, life like, dreams has been an issues for me the last few years.  I dream in color, with the faces of present and past friends and family, and many deceased friends and family featured.  I also have many "fight" or combat dreams.   I also have issues with these vivid dreams becoming reality when I wake up.  I have had days when I tried to complete the task I was dreaming about.  Trust me, that is unnerving!

LBD is a disease that increases with time.  Little issues start to pile on top of other issues until you have so many symptoms you are overwhelmed.  Dreams, hallucinations, memory loss, loss of reading capability, forgetting the names of those around you, fear of new places, new people, crowds, being totally routine based, thinking people are stealing from you, following you, and did I mention hallucinations.  I am sure there are other issues, but I don't remember any others at this time.

Thanks for the comment on REM sleep disorders.  It is important to keep people up to date on the problems those with LBD experience.

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