Monday, October 28, 2013

More medical professional intercourse!

Now before you get all excited, intercourse is a conversation between two people.  That's what I had today with my newest neurologist.  I like Dr. King, he listens and responds to our questions  and concerns.  Today, he wanted to prescribe a new drug to deal with the hallucinations.  We pushed back because I am tired of being a science experiment.  And, he could not say the new drug would have a better than even chance of accomplishing what it is I was taking it for!  So, no new drugs.

I also asked him about surgery under general Anestassia for my left shoulder rotator cuff.  The pain for in my shoulder is substantial and it wakes me up at night.  But, I don't want to wake up from my surgery in another time zone either!  Dr. King said he would get with the shoulder doctor and get a decision.  OK, I can deal with that answer.

Let's talk about the hallucinations.  I have been holding this information back until now.   But, now I am ready to divulge the changes in my condition.  My hallucinations have taken on a more realistic dimension.  Recently I have seen people, real people, in locations that are logical for real people to be.  These people looked real, but upon questioning my wife, they were not there.  This had happened about a year ago and I actually was going to pick a fight with the person, who my wife said was not there.  But these recent hallucinations have set me on edge.  I have reduced my driving and never go out without my wife or someone I trust.  This is a major development in my disease.

Dr. King asked me if I saw a Psychiatrist and I do.  The Psychiatrist I see specializes in dementia.  So he is an exceptional person to help me.  I see that doctor tomorrow, so more intercourse!  We will see where this appointment leads.

Others of you in the LBD family have dealt with this development and I am not all that surprised.  But I am very concerned.  This change will definitely change my life and my wife's.  I will keep you informed.


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