Monday, October 21, 2013

I seem to have a "Tank Full Float" issue!

I realize that LBD will progress and it is.  The most recent development is that my "Tank Full Float" is not functioning correctly.  I do not receive the "Tank Full" indication until my gray water tank is already in overflow!  This can be an issue if you like dry pants, furniture, beds, and carpets!!

I address this issue in a  mechanical way because of my Navy background.   I find it easier to deal with problems in a vernacular that I understand and identify with.  If a sewage tank on a ship is approaching the "Full" point, a float rises and tells the operator or watch stander that the tank is almost full.  That way, he can shift sewage discharge to another tank instead of overflowing sewage into the ocean.  If you are old, you may remember we used to dump raw sewage over the side, everywhere!  In port, at sea, everywhere.  But now, that is illegal and we keep sewage in tanks and treat it, sterilize it, and then discharge it as an inert substance or, in port, we pump it into the sewer system.  Humans are the same.  When we are young, we pump our sewage anywhere, anytime!  Then, as we learn, we dump sewage in the appropriate sewer connection or we hold it until we find an appropriate place.

Then we get old, or get impacted by a disease like LBD.  Then we get erroneous alerts on sewage discharge requirements.  Like, when you run to the bathroom and then, stand there and nothing happens!  Bad "Full Float" operation.  Or, you are sitting comfortably in your recliner, and you get the "Tank Full" alert as sewage is leaking out already!  Not good!

We do have ways to deal with this malfunction but it Depends on user interface!  Someone has to empty and dispose of the temporary holding system!  Just like when we were really young!  

right now, the alerts are JUST early enough to avert a major spill.  But it is an issue I have noticed and in the spirit of this blog, I thought I would address this issue in the open, frank, honest, method that I address all LBD issues.  Now, all I have to do is find the "Dut Engineer" and see if we can adjust that faulty "Tank Full" float indicator!

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