Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is more important to you?

That is a very important question.  What IS more important to you?  How you live today, Comfort, security,  and quality of life.   Or, future care.  That is really the basis for the struggle we are involved in right now!

Do we select a place to live that makes our living easy, comfortable, secure, even luxurious, today, with no promise or provisions for future care.  Or do we select a far more expensive Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) that contractually guarantees assisted living and skilled nursing care at no additional cost?  Trust me, this is a difficult question to answer.

The entrance fee and monthly fees are certainly high or even exorbitant for most CCRC.   Or do we choose an over age 62 apartment community that provides a secure, luxurious, age specific place to live with no buy in fee and rents at about 33% of the CCRC?   Now, to be fair, this option places us at the mercy of other facilities if and when one of us needed professional care.  What we really need is a crystal ball.

Certainly a person with a confirmed diagnosis of LBD should be looking at future needs.  But paying for an undetermined period of time for care that may or may not be needed is something that should not be done without research.  Of course, most CCRC's that are not fee for service will not accept anyone with a confirmed diagnosis of dementia.  We are a bad investment!  Maybe that fact alone should sway my decision.  And in fact, it does have a heavy weigh on the side of the CCRC.

Another thing to consider is maintenance work on your present home.  I have had my expensive and emotional stories about this home and the home we sold in Virginia.  I see home ownership the same as boat ownership!  A hole that you pour money into!  I would much rather live in a facility, apartment or CCRC, that fixes anything that breaks and does things like install ceiling fans, grab bars, and comfort height toilets for free or a minimal fee.  Not to mention well maintained landscaping, club house, pool, and exercise facility.

So, while we are leaning towards the CCRC, small doubts still surface and cause trepidations.  Yet, in my case, a CCRC that will provide our family the security now and a contractual future care guarantee is the best choice.

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