Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Decision!

OK, I have spent a number of posts explaining the process of trying to determine where we should like.  We went to the Continuing Care Retirement Facility last Friday to show our Son and Daughter in Law.   It was a good visit and they both thought this was a great facility that fit us perfectly.  So do we!  So tomorrow we will submit our deposit.  This action will place us on the Priority Waiting List.  You may ask, how long is the waiting list?   That is a hard question to answer.  There are people who have been on the waiting list for over 6 years!  But, they want a specific unit, facing a specific way, in a specific building!!  We are very open to the unit we get because there are at-least four floor plans that fit us very well.  So, we may only wait a few months.  Time will tell.

I believe this is the best place to live for us.  I freely admit that it is not the best choice for everyone.  But it answers many questions about our future that have bothered me ever since I was diagnosed with LBD.  Like, what happens when I need professional care?  What happens if my wife needs professional care because of a broken hip, or some other medical issue?  What happens if we both develop memory issues?  Yes, I have mine diagnosed now, but she has a strong genetic tie to Alzheimer's.  Not to mention stroke and cancer.  So, I believe this continuing care community meet all of our needs.

There is also the point is that most Continuing Care Retirement Communities will not accept me because I have an LBD diagnosis!  I have been totally up front with this facility and they say they will accept me in their continuing care plan.  That means, our cost does not rise regardless of what care needs we have, and regardless of time in professional care.   And that guarantee applies to both of us!  This fact alone makes this the best choice.  Not to mention the facilities!!  And everything is open 24/7/365!!  The indoor pool, the jacuzzi, the work out rooms, the lounges, the library, the recreation rooms, even the pool table!!  This is the right place at the right time!!!    

And if you are a regular reader, I a on the list to the Armed Forces Retirement Home.  I would really love to live there.  It is a Continuing Care Retirement Community, but it only admits retired Enlisted personnel!  That means my wife would be on her own!  I have been married to my wife for almost 41 years and I like being with her!  So, the Navy Home really is not a perfect fit.  This place is.

So, tomorrow we take our first step.  It is a big step, but one I am ready to take.  I will keep you posted.


  1. Congratulations of finding your new home!!! So happy for you both!

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